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What Do Ball Pythons Eat?

Ball pythons eat mice and rats. Depending on the size of your snake depends on the size of mouse or rat it should be fed. A baby ball python should be fed fuzzy mice once a week. As your snake grows and begins taking larger prey, it can go 2 weeks between feedings. When your ball python is full grown you can expect it to feed on medium sized rats.

You’ve got two choices for feeding ball pythons. You can feed them live or frozen prey. Frozen prey are a great option when feeder mice and rats aren’t available locally. When frozen they can easily be shipped, thawed out, and fed to a hungry ball python. Some people prefer to feed their balls live rats that have been killed before eating. This keeps the rats from injuring the snakes while eating. Its not uncommon for a rat to bite or scratch a snake, leaving a scar. Most people aren’t to concerned with scars when they’re feeding normal ball pythons, but if you’ve got a $4000 pure white ball python, a scar is the last thing you want to see when you look into their cage.

In the event your ball python won’t eat or you can’t get your hands on mice or rats, a gerbil or hamster is always an option. Be warned if you feed your ball python gerbils or hamsters it may refuse to take mice because they do preference gerbils to mice. We’ll cove this in more detail in another faq post.

Remember ball pythons are finicky eaters. It’s not uncommon for them to go weeks or months without eating.

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