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Heritable Granite Male #231

| Granites | 08/13/2011

Hatched 07/21/11, feeding well on live hopper mice.

This male is from a line that popped up unexpectedly in my collection. This is the first test clutch from my holdback granite male bred to a dark normal female, and every animal in the clutch has granite markings.

These granites do not look identical to typical genetic granites, but they have the same markers, and many similar features, and have proven heritable. (The neck spot is present, but is only a few black scales on this particular animal). I do not know whether they carry the same co-dominant gene as the known line of genetic granites.

This male is just $40 for you to dink around with a possible new granite line, or perhaps get a good deal on an animal that MIGHT turn out to carry the same gene as known genetic granites.

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