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How Big Do Ball Pythons Get?

The reason that ball pythons are the best snake for beginners is because of their size. An average, fully grown adult ball python will grow to about 4 feet. The largest recorded ball python is 6.5 feet but those are extremely rare. Even at 6.5 feet that is an extremely manageable size. There are several ball pythons that do reach 5 feet, but as I mentioned 4 foot is a good average size of an adult ball python.

The girth of a fully grown ball pythons is about the size of a 12 oz. bottle of soda. This is at their thickest most part of their body. A 4-5 foot snake probably weights in the 6-7 pound range. Considering that a Burmese python gets upwards of 150 pounds the ball python is easily cared for.

All the ball pythons for sale here are sold as babies. They will range in size from about 15″ – 18″, but now you know just how big ball pythons will get when fully grown.

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